Patient Rights & Responsibilities


The patient/client has the right to make informed decisions regarding his/her care.


To provide adequate information to permit, when possible or appropriate, the patient's/client's direct involvement in the development and revision of the care or service plan.


  • Explain in appropriate detail to the patient/client, in terms he/she can understand, information relating to why the prescribed service or treatment pertains to his/her present condition.
  • Discuss with the patient/client what responsibilities, if any, he or she may have in the care process.
  • Explain to the patient/client the nature and purpose of any technical procedure that may be performed, as well as who will perform that procedure.
  • Inform the patient/client of any possible alternatives to the prescribed treatment that are appropriate.
  • If appropriate, consider the patient's/client's request when developing or revising a Plan of Care / Treatment / Service.
  • Inform the physician of the patient's/client's input, if appropriate, concerning possible care / treatment / service options.


Each patient also has certain responsibilities that are as important as your rights. Unless you accept these responsibilities as part of your treatment you cannot expect much benefit to be gained by the appliance and/or services provided. These responsibilities are:

  • To participate in treatment, therapy, and/or manufacturers instruction for equipment, appliances or services rendered.
  • To develop with your physician, therapist or care provider defined goals.
  • To keep scheduled appointments or notify the Prosthetic Treatment Center when you are unable to do so and request rescheduling.
  • To inspect your appliance/equipment for safety hazards and to follow maintenance instructions for the appliance/equipment.
  • To treat your prosthetic device(s) with respect and to safeguard it from damage and theft.
  • To notify the Prosthetic Treatment Center of any changes that would affect the appliance/equipment.

Medicare DMEPOS Supplier Standards

NOTE: An abbreviated version of the supplier standards every Medicare DMEPOS supplier must meet in order to obtain and retain billing privileges can be downloaded HERE.
These standards, in their entirety, are listed in 42 C.F.R. 424.57(c).


Information on our privacy practices can be downloaded HERE